Features of CertiChain

Fully customizable

The certificate details are fully customizable and add the templates and details you want.

Instant verification

Simple to use. Click on one button - The authenticity of your certificate is verified..!

Batchwise issuance

A batch of certificates can be issued in a single click

Tamper proof

Highly secure tamper proof certificates

No wear and tear

Certificate holders need not to bother about damage and loss paper of certifcates

Mobile ready

CertiChain is mobile ready and verify the genuinity of the certificate on the go..!

Why Certichain

CertiChain - the Blockchain Powered Academic Certificate Issuance and Verification help academic institutions to issue their certificates into Blockchain and make information about the certificate accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The sophisticated decentralized data structure supported by strong cryptographically verifiable property of CertiChain ensures the authenticity verification of your certificates effortlessly. Issuing certificates through CertiChain provides an extra layer of security and credibility by using an immutable, decentralized ledger which can benefit graduates and employers in multiple ways

Easy to use

CertiChain certificates are hassle free. Certificates can be verified just by scanning a QR code

Instant Verification

Say good bye to the long time consuming process of certificate verification. CertiChain certificates can be verified instantly

No more fake certificates

By adopting CertiChain, no one can fabricate fake certificates of your institution



Please click View Demo to see a sample certificate issued on our CertiChain. Want to see a complete Demo ? Please call us / send an e-mail or chat with our executive now !

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